Please note that due to COVID-19 we presently offer all of our sessions online.

• Will you continue to operate during COVID-19?

Yes, we will continue to operate. We are presently using teletherapy in order to provide customers with continued support during this time. Please call us at: (647) 668-9682

• How are your staff responding?

We are making it easier for our staff to take the time they need to care for themselves or their families in the event they are directly affected by COVID-19.

• Will I be impacted on existing scheduled sessions with developments?

We are monitoring new developments so that we can quickly adapt and continue to provide the speech therapy services you need and the best possible experience and quickest turn-arounds.

Our customers are the heart of our company.

We recognize this is a challenging time for all, and we remain deeply committed to the safety of our customers, teams, and communities that we serve daily.

Speech Therapy Aurora

Our speech-language pathologists provide uniquely tailored speech therapy services in Aurora.

Speech Therapy Aurora

At SpeechAim, we provide a wide range of speech therapy services within Aurora, uniquely designed to help patients who suffer with speech deficiencies and difficulties. We operate using a team of licensed S-LP’s, who specially tailor their wealth of experience and knowledge to provide the best care available in Aurora. Our services can be provided as a one-off session or on-going to ensure that we can provide consistent support and advice for those suffering with a range of speech related conditions. They can be provided both in the comfort of your home, as well as clinic’s around the area such as the Aurora Walk-in Family Doctor Clinic. This allows for the best care, specially tailored to the needs of our customers.

Through our time operating in Aurora, SpeechAim have developed a wealth of experience that allows us to fully understand our clients. Unlike many other services on the market, we understand the importance of communicating with your family and friends and thus ensure that our service’s can help you overcome any speech deficiency to do just that. Whether you need help at home or in a clinic, our professionals can help.

Children in Aurora

Our speech therapy services located around Aurora cover children with speech deficiencies or difficulties within the Aurora area. If you believe that your child may need support with their speech, or a speech related condition, then our team will be on hand to help. We can help to design a specialised programme tailored around your child to ensure that they receive the best support possible.

Our Aurora services cover a range of different language deficiencies from stuttering management, language delay treatment and even support for early reading and writing skills. It is important to understand that whilst many of these conditions are not harmful to your child, the sooner they are treated, the better results your child will receive from their treatment. Our Aurora speech therapy team will work alongside you and your child to ensure that the best support is provided, ensuring that we create the plan to provide the best results possible.


Adults in Aurora

If you are new to Aurora, or have lived in the area your whole life, our team of professionals can help you with any speech difficulties that you may encounter. This applies to life-long speech deficiencies, as well as newly developed ones. We will provide you with the best speech therapy services in the area, specially tailored around your exact needs.

We understand the difficulties speech deficiencies can have on your life and therefore aim to tackle your symptoms head on to reduce any long-term impacts that they can potentially have.


Senior’s in Aurora

Our services are also offered to seniors within Aurora. As you age, it is common for speech difficulties to have an impact on your life. Our patient team of specialists are uniquely trained to provide ongoing support to tackle these difficulties, allowing you to continue living your normal life, without having to worry about your speech.

If you have any questions regarding our Aurora services, please contact us directly via our email or phone number. One of our team will be on have to provide you with any answers that you may need.


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Very professional, caring, and helped a lot! Strongly recommend!!
- Irit D
SpeechAim are professional, knowledgeable, and hands down an amazing team to work with.
-Ania K
Very glad we found SpeechAim, what a difference just a few sessions made.
- Lia O
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