Senior Speech Therapy


Getting Started with Senior Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate clearly is important at any age, but absolutely vital for older people. Due to their age if they cannot clearly state what they want, where pain is or other general problems then the situation can easily spiral into an emergency. Speechaim provides dedicate senior therapy to help older people regain independence and ensure their safety.

The first step is to have a speech and language pathologist evaluate your loved to identify the causes of the speech problems. This ensures our therapists can identify the best techniques for you, ensuring you are comfortable and receiving the best possible treatment.


Speech Therapy for Seniors

As people grow older, their muscles tend to deteriorate and weaken. Muscles become less elastic and the larynx can weaken. Voice problems can cause distress as people struggle to speak the way they are accustomed to. At Speechaim our therapy is designed to restore confidence in older members of society by helping them to communicate clearly and feel like themselves again.

Seniors also often require speech therapy in response to a stroke, or other form of brain injury. In Canada over 50,000 people suffer strokes annually which indicates just how important this therapy is. Recovery from strokes is possible but requires care, patience and hard work.

Speechaim's senior therapy involves sessions with expert speech and language therapists. The therapy can take place either one on one or in a comfortable group environment. Our team can help you regain language skills, use your voice, or learn alternative means of communication. We can also help you improve your swallowing ability, and increase problem solving and social skills needed to cope with stroke consequences and improved quality of living.

Ways you can help at home

While damage to the brain my disrupt the language centres it is still possible to grow new paths.

Using familiar objects from the senior's home to create questions is one such technique. Talking to them and describing who's in a picture, where they got a trophy or how they earned a medal can help their recovery.

Arranging for senior therapy with Speechaim will provide a structured recovery plan with personalised vocal and/or alternative communication techniques.

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