5 Simple Tricks for Late Talkers

Every toddler learns at their own rate. Some are up and walking within 9 months, others may take over a year. Some toddlers will crawl earlier, whereas others will take more time. This is the same when it comes to talking. Some toddlers may begin to say words before they are even a year old, while others may not talk for many months after that. If you believe your toddler may be a late talker, there is no need for concern. There are a number of tricks and tips that can be used to help them! Here are 5 simple tricks that parents can use for late talkers!

1. Provide Validation

Always provide validation and support for your child when they make an attempt to speak. Whether or not they are right with what they are saying, providing support will help to boost their confidence, helping them when it comes to using words and phrases.

2. Don't pressure Your Child

It is extremely common for many parents to ask lots of questions when their child begins to speak. Although questions have many benefits, too many could put unnecessary pressure on them. If your toddler or child is already struggling with speech, asking too much questions can distress them further, making them not want to engage in any forms of conversation. Instead, ask questions only when necessary and when you do, ask only one simple question at a time.

3. Use Play to Learn

All children learn in early life through playing. They learn what is right and what is wrong, as well as the names of different objects and foods. Using 'play time' with your child is a perfect trick to use for late talkers. It encourages the use of language, while at the same time providing them with an enjoyable experience.

4. Use Music

Some children actually learn how to sing before they learn how to talk. With every child's brain being programmed differently, some may better understand the rhythm of music before they understand the rhythm of speech. Using music is a fantastic and simple trick to help late talkers speak, as it provides them with another fun learning method.

5. Imitation

Imitation has been scientifically proven as a fantastic method for learning. All children learn how to act through the imitation of their parents. By spending extra time using words around your child and asking them to imitate, you are actively encouraging them to speak- often without them even realising!

There are 5 simple tricks that can be used to help develop a child who is a late talker. Remember, that just because your child is a late talker there is no need for concern. With these tricks alone you should have them talking in no time!

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