Getting Started with Accent Reduction Therapy

Accents form a significant part of our identity. They reflect where we've been and our unique experiences. Accents can be something to be proud of, but they might also hold you back.

Today, many people feel like they struggle to communicate because of their accent and overall English pronunciation.

Even if your English is fluent, listeners still may have difficulty understanding your accent. This difficulty of others to understand you may have negative impacts on your life. Whether talking to friends or interviewing for a new job, a strong accent can cause people to feel self-conscious in many forms of social interaction. Some people have even felt they have been discriminated against for having a strong accent, for example, being turned down for a new job. For these reasons, people may want to reduce their accent. Yet, accents are not categorized as a speech or language disorder.

It is difficult enough to learn a new language, yet alone learn to completely remove an accent, but it is possible to have an accent coach. Most people even after years of practice still have strong accents. Without native speakers to identify phrases, it is extremely difficult to pick up on the little patterns of speech that are leading you astray. With the help of our qualified speech-language pathologists, you can learn how to alter your pronunciation in order to resemble the accent of native English speakers.

Benefits of Accent Reduction Therapy

At Speechaim, we have worked with a diverse selection of accents! We can help you work towards substantial improvements in your pronunciation which will translate to your daily life. Using a client-centered approach, whether your accent is heavy or subtle, we can help you learn how to pronounce sounds, say words and deliver sentences that closely resemble native English speakers.

Speechaim provides expert consultants who can provide you with the unique skills required for accent modifications.

Speech Therapy for Accent Reduction

Speechaim provides therapy to help you perfect your accent and English pronunciation. The therapy typically revolves around one-on-one appointments. This session will begin with a questioning of how long you have spoken English, questions about your background and the different places you have lived.

This is to analyse the patterns that inform your accent. Your dedicated therapist is there to help you, not judge you, so there is no need to feel embarrassed. Having got to know each other, a tailored course can be provided to create the best results.

Speech and language pathologists are available to analyse your individual patterns and create a plan to help you achieve your goals. They do this by considering:

  • Sound pronunciation,
  • Rhythm,
  • Intonation of speech,

As experts in pronunciation, Speechaim can help you learn different speech sounds and intonation patterns.

Please arrange your first appointment with us today. Our expert consultants will help you achieve the next step in your career or life by providing you with a new sense of confidence and achievement. Your accent can no longer interfere with any professional, social, educational or personal goals.

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