Getting Started with Literacy Reading Writing Therapy

The ability to read, write and be literate is something that your children will naturally develop through their childhood. Each and every child will learn in their own unique ways and some will develop faster than others. However, for many children this can be a difficult process.

There are many reasons why children struggle to read and write, one study suggested that as many as 20% of all children have dyslexia however are not diagnosed, others just need a specific approach to make it easier for them to improve their reading and writing skills. This would avoid child struggle and classifications like 'bad in class' or 'not intelligent' when in reality, they just need to learn in their own way.

At SpeechAim, we work hard to provide unique techniques to help literacy, reading and writing for children. We find creative ways to help them find the best way to improve their skills and be their best selves in school and surrounding environments.

We have the specialized knowledge to help identify any communication problems, and then provide the proper support that children need to build upon these skills. We want to help your child strengthen the skills that they need to carry them through life.

Symptoms requiring Literacy, Reading and Writing Therapy

While symptoms are different for every single child, it's important to understand the potential symptoms that your child may display early in their academic life:

  • Reading significantly lower than the expected level for your child's age,
  • Problems processing and understanding what your child hears,
  • Difficulty finding the right words to use, or answering questions,
  • Problems remembering the sequence of words in songs or phrases,
  • Inability to pronounce the sound of an unfamiliar word,
  • Difficulty spelling in all forms of writing,
  • Spending an unusually long-time completing tasks that involve reading or writing,
  • Avoiding activities that involve reading to escape the situation altogether,

While each child is unique in their own way, it is common for them to show at least one of the listed symptoms if they are struggling with their reading and writing. If they are displaying multiple, for a long period of time, it may be time to book an assessment session to find out what the cause is.

Speech Therapy for Literacy, Reading and Writing

At SpeechAim, our therapy sessions are designed to expand your child's critical language skills and abilities for education. We understand that reading and writing is crucial both in school and after school. It is a skill that your child will use all of their life. As a result, our highly trained and experienced staff will help to identify, assess and treat a range of disorders that directly affect your child's ability to read and write.

We are fully equipped to provide therapy which can include, but not limited to:

  • Language Comprehension. We will work on smaller units such as grammar, themes etc.

  • Organization. We can help your child plan out their writing by using visuals, teaching main idea vs. details etc.

  • Spelling. As speech language pathologists, we are fully equipped to work on spelling with your child.

All of our therapists are available around the clock whenever you need them. At home, at school or in the workplace. For more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us below.

We also offer Speech Therapy Sessions for:

We now offer Online Sessions!

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