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Getting Started with Speech Voice Therapy

Voice therapy is the process of eliminating or improving the problems experienced with the creation of vocal sounds in the larynx (voice box). The aim of the therapy is to strengthen and normalise voices so that people sound as strongly spoken as they have always have.

When is voice therapy required?

Voice therapy is a suitable approach for a variety of voice disorders. A vocal disorder is any persistent change or damage to a person’s voice. These disorders can have significant impact on the quality of a person’s life, and here at Speechaim we aim to restore your confidence and ability with our dedicated therapy.

There are many different forms of voice disorders, but they are generally grouped into three central categories:

  • Psychogenic voice disorders: The voice becomes, cracked, strained hoarse or even silent. This is typically a result of persistent stress, a traumatic incident or as a result of mental illness

  • Organic voice disorders: These are psychical changes which affect the larynx. They can include, smoking, larynx cancer, inflammation or after thyroid surgery.

  • Functional voice disorders: These disorders can occur from speaking loudly and frequently. Tension can be caused through speech, often with someone realising. Even speaking in an inappropriate register can cause strain.

At Speechaim we are committed to providing the very best possible course of care. Our speech and language therapists will guide you through the process of strengthening your voice. We will arrange your very own personalised process of recovery, designed to support you.

In cases of functional voice disorders our expert speech therapists can help identify bad habits and work with you to retrain speaking patterns. This can help reduce lesions (areas damaged as a result of injury or disease) and avoid recurring damage.


In the case of vocal scarring, our therapists can help you avoid increasing the damage while regaining voice function. Our therapists will help you develop a proper voice technique to improve your communication abilities.

What can you do at home?

It is important to continue practice at home and not just during the appointments.

Once your therapy has been completed, we recommend that it becomes a part of your daily routine.

Practice makes perfect but we sure you check back in with our dedicated team for round the clock care, we are here for you.

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