Accent Reduction Strategies

Are you struggling with speaking English fluently? Are you less confident about how you sound when you speak? This is normal for individuals for whom English is the second language, because English has a plethora of sounds with distinctive stress patterns, articulatory placements, and intonation. Business Professionals in diverse fields desire to communicate with clarity to their clients, colleagues and supervisors. One of the things that influence this desire is the presence of a native accent that affects the proper articulation of words and confidence while speaking publicly. Fortunately, this inadequacy can be addressed through accent reduction training.

Accent reduction is a technique of learning the sound patterns, articulation and intonation that are specific to a particular language. Our therapy session encompasses accent modification approaches that are designed for business professionals who desire to communicate effectively and clearly in North-American English. Our expert-led accent reduction training is broken into progressive learning discrete units to assist our clients build on these skills in everyday professional interaction and communication.

How does it work?

We adopt a highly practical method to take you through eloquence and accuracy in spoken English, and this involves three major scopes:

  • Sound recognition and articulation

This helps you identify the wide range of vowel and consonant sounds in English and how to articulate them properly.

  • Word Structure

This guides you through the rudiments of joining sounds to create words and pronounce them fluently.

  • Accurate Intonation

This introduces you to language concepts like stress, pitch, speech patterns and rhythm while speaking to evoke emotions and communicate effortlessly.

Benefits of Accent Reduction Training

Our Workable Training Methods

The speech therapy sessions with our therapists are all virtual. We employ training via video conferencing approach for clients all over Ontario who opt for a one-on-one training session with our speech development experts to improve their accent and professional communication skills.

We provide learning resources designed to enhance digital learning where you can practice all the learning tasks and activities conveniently from wherever you are.

"Begin your accent reduction training now"

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