Getting Started with Social Communication Therapy

Cognitive development issues can often be seen in children who stutter, show signs of receptive language delays, and have difficulty with literacy. These cognitive issues can be caused by a range of developmental and environmental changes during your child's cognitive development.

Social communication disorder, can be identified in children who show signs of language difficulties in social situations, for example in storytelling, generic conversation and using expressive language in general. Signs can also be seen in pragmatics- when your child must use the correct language for a particular context. For example, it is crucial for your child to use different language when speaking to a younger child than when they are speaking to an older one.

Social communication is so important for everyday life. It allows you to build social relationships with others, as well as contributes to your academic success. Children are often required to work in groups and establish communication between peers for curriculum based activities.

Speech Therapy Sessions for Social Communication Disorder

If your child is struggling with social communication, they may exhibit:

  • Difficulty remaining on topic,
  • Storytelling in a disorganized manner,
  • Unaware of personal space. Often, stands too close to the speaker,
  • Struggle to make friends,
  • Unable to interpret tone of voice in conversations. For instance, difficult to distinguish an angry tone of voice vs. a happy tone of voice,
  • Difficulty looking at the speaker or may look too much at the speaker.

At SpeechAim, we have designed a range of therapy sessions for your child. Our social communication therapy sessions will involve 1-on-1 sessions with our specialist therapy team. The sessions be based around:

  • Social interactions,
  • Discussions,
  • Reading,
  • Talking about books,
  • Talking about feelings.

Our friendly staff will use a range of new speech skills to help your child develop their ability to understand social situations, improve their ability to tell stories as well as their ability to express their emotions and needs.

Help at Home

We believe that our therapy sessions do not end during our sessions but can be continued at home. We provide recommendations and activities to further help develop your child's social communication at home such as:

All of our therapists are available around the clock whenever you need them. At home, at school or in the workplace. For more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us below.

We also offer Speech Therapy Sessions for:

We now offer Online Sessions!

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