Getting Started with Brain Injury Therapy

Brain injuries can affect anyone, in all walks of life. Acquired brain injuries are any brain injuries caused since birth. They can commonly happen as a result of falls, motor accidents, tumors or strokes. At SpeechAim we work with patients suffering from a range of brain injuries and we provide expert care and therapy.

Direct effects:

  • The inability to recall the traumatic event,
  • Lack of coordination,
  • Problems with hearing or vision,
  • Trouble learning or remembering new information,
  • Confusion.

Indirect effects:

  • Some brain injuries can increase the risk of Alzheimer's or another type of Dementia,
  • This can take place years after the injury itself.

Rehabilitation after a brain injury

At SpeechAim we have designed a number of speech therapy sessions, specially tailored to improve your child's exact symptoms. We understand that every child will show their own unique symptoms, with no two children being the exact same. As a result, all of our therapy sessions will work one on one with your child to make the best development possible. After an initial consultation session, we will be able to create a program specially designed to counter the symptoms that your child is showing, as well as provide you with a range of tips and tricks that you can use at home to further increase development.

Regardless of age, overtime, learning strategies that are developed from speech therapy for cluttering disorders can be helpful. It is also helpful to keep motivated. Often, success is associated with working hard for change. Therapy can take a lot of practice depending on the person and SpeechAim will be right by your side throughout.

The brain is essential for communication. Some parts of the brain help you interpret what others are saying or writing. Other parts of the brain are responsible for constructing your own thoughts into speech and other forms of communication such as facial expressions, body language. An acquired injury to the brain can make communication difficult.

The rehabilitation process after a brain injury tends to be unpredictable. This is because each injury is unique and requires individual treatment. At SpeechAim we provide expect therapists to design your recovery process around you. By analysing your personal injuries, we can design a rehabilitation programme designed to give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Unlike cells in other parts of the body brain cells cannot regenerate themselves.

Recovery is still possible as the nature of the brain is very flexible, capable or reorganising itself into new paths, regaining some function.

The Speechaim rehabilitation process helps your brain develop alternate ways of functioning while minimising the risk of future damage.

Timescale of recovery

Speech Therapy for Brain Injury

SpeechAim provides numerous forms of therapy, but it is important to be realistic about what can be achieved. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible treatment, improving the life of the patient and their loved ones.

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy begins with the movement of the body. This aims to improve the comfort of the patient while increasing their sense of wellbeing and independence.

  • Speech and language therapy: This therapy aims to help patients communicate successfully after a brain injury has been acquired. Our therapists are available one-on-one to provide the best possible care and help reduce difficulties communicating.

  • Family Therapy: This therapy creates a safe bond for families to talk about and tackle brain injuries. The support of family can be a great benefit for recovery, and we aim to help improve quality of life.

Our team at SpeechAim is committed to helping those who have experienced acquired brain injury. If you are undergoing any communication difficulties, please do connect with us. Our goal is to help those with acquired brain injuries live a great life, despite any previous trauma to the brain.

All of our therapies are tailor made to help tackle your unique injury. Through patience and long-term goals out therapists will aid your recovery.

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