Getting Started with ADHD Attention Deficit Therapy

Attention, memory, time management and social skills are all executive functions which are directly affected by ADHD. At SpeechAim, our trained professionals excel in these executive functions and interpersonal skills.

Our speech-language pathologists have extensive experience and want to help you achieve improvements in your child's everyday life. We implement the latest research to help reach your goals.

The exact cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is not fully known, although it's believed that a number of factors may contribute including:

  • Genetics,
  • Brain function and structure,
  • Premature birth,
  • People with epilepsy,
  • Brain damage (from either the womb or after).

Signs of ADHD

The main symptoms of ADHD can be broken down into 2 different categories. These categories are Inattentiveness and Hyperactivity & Impulsiveness, both of which have their own symptoms.

Symptoms for Inattentiveness are:

Symptoms for Hyperactivity & Impulsiveness are:

Without the correct therapy, these symptoms can cause a number of potential problems for your child, both in academia, at home and in their social life. They may struggle to interact with other pupils at school and people later in life too. It is important to intervene early to limit the impact of these symptoms. At SpeechAim, we have the dedication we will work alongside you, and help you achieve measurable results.

ADHD and Language Issues

ADHD can often coincide with language issues. In fact, many children with ADHD can experience speech delays. The symptoms of both can be similar at times and consequently, it can be difficult to determine whether or not the main issue is a language disorder itself or an attention issue.

A child with speech delays can often become frustrated in their struggle to communicate their needs effectively. Due to this frustration, a child can act out in various ways such as tantrums and meltdowns. At SpeechAim, we will conduct a thorough analysis of whether the child's attention and behavioural struggles are associated with the language delay.

Kids with ADHD often show signs of hyperactivity, as well as impulsive and sporadic behaviour. This often has a direct effect on the ways in which they use language and communicate. For example:

Speech Therapy Sessions for ADHD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD, a mix of therapy sessions and diverse activities can help to alleviate the symptoms. SpeechAim specialists design a tailored session best suited for you and your child. We offer programs that will work to help both you and your child to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and make life easier for both of you.

All of our therapists are available around the clock whenever you need them. At home, at school or in the workplace. For more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us below.

We also offer Speech Therapy Sessions for:

We now offer Online Sessions!

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