Getting Started with Autism Spectrum Speech Therapy

Autism most often occurs early in your child's development and can be spotted within their first few years of communicating. It is caused by variations in cognitive development, that results in a number of symptoms.

The main symptoms of autism are:

  • Issues with social communications,
  • Restricted behaviors,
  • Behaviors that are deemed strange and repetitive.

These symptoms will:

  • Begin in early childhood (although are not always noticed by people).
  • Persist and occur on an almost regular basis.
  • Interfere with everyday life.

At SpeechAim, our professional healthcare team can help your child and support their needs. Our professional team uses a variety of assessments to determine the severity of the symptoms and create tailored lesson plans to help and and support your child to further their development. We work hard to find and leverage things they love to do to help in the process.

Signs of Autism

One of the main signs of autism, is difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication (social cues). Here are some of the situations that your child may have difficulty understanding:

  • Spoken languages
  • Gestures
  • Voice tone
  • Ability to recognize emotion
  • Expressing emotion
  • Eye contact
  • Feeling overwhelmed and avoiding social situations
  • Displaying restrictive and repetitive behaviors
  • Repetitive body movements (such as rocking or tapping)
  • Repetitive actions with objects (such as spinning a pen or flicking some paper)
  • Resistance to change

People who are on the autism spectrum range in their communication and speech-related difficulties. Some may not be able to speak but others might love to talk but struggle with holding a conversation or interpreting others body language and facial expressions.

Let us help you by having one of our excellent speech-language pathologists assess your communication strengths and weaknesses. From there, our speech-language pathologists will design your individual goals.

Speech Therapy Sessions for Autism

Research in general has observed that autism can often be associated with higher rates of both physical and mental health conditions. While this is not always the case, our professional staff can help assess your child for any other condition they may have.

There is no known cure, however, our goal is to help your child relieve the symptoms through therapy and tailored lesson plans. After initial identification of difficulties, our professional team will work directly with you to provide you with a range of methods that can help reduce your child's symptoms. These will be used both in and outside of therapy sessions to ensure the highest success possible.

SpeechAim strives to help children with autism improve their verbal, nonverbal and social skills. The main focus is helping children communicate in effective ways.

Our speech-language pathologists can work with you on skills including, but not exclusive to:

All of our therapists are available around the clock whenever you need them. At home, at school or in the workplace. For more information, or to schedule an appointment please contact us below.

We also offer Speech Therapy Sessions for:

We now offer Online Sessions!

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